All activities in the nuclear sector are extremely safety critical. An accident, incident or crisis can have extensive consequences for both people and the environment. The sector should therefore be able to cope with a variety of threats.

The nuclear industry is under constant social and political scrutiny. The impact of an accident, incident or crisis could have profound effects on people and the environment. The sector should therefore be structurally prepared for a variety of potential hazards. For instance, the risk of acquisition and use of nuclear / radiological material by those with malicious intent, accidents at uranium enrichment plants, accidents involving nuclear installations and incidents during the transportation of nuclear material. All require specific control and mitigation plans as well as a coordinated and effective response organisation.

Nuclear installations are increasingly aware of the cyber threats and attacks. ISR operates and advises government and industry in the further development of an appropriate counter strategy and approach in other to be able to deal with these threats.

We support nuclear installations and/or governmental organisations with preparing for potential R/N incidents and crises. ISR has experience in the production, review and application of international (IAEA) safety standards and (environmental) guidelines and will support you in the implementation and improvement of such. Furthermore, ISR develops and conducts R/N education, training, exercise and evaluation projects. We have, among others, developed the scenarios for large scale (international) crisis management exercises with R/N scenarios.

Nuclear incidents also have a major impact on public perception and opinion. These are not always in line with the real threat of R/N incidents. However, we need to take into consideration that ‘perception is reality’. Careful risk and crisis communication is essential to inform citizens. They should receive realistic information about potential risks, the situation, know which protective measures are taken and what they can do themselves. There are various ways to make this information available to the public. ISR and their communication experts support your organisation in the development of sound risk and crisis communication strategies.