An integral vision on risk management and broad risk analysis capabilities are considered key in each safety, security and crisis management approach.



Risks are formed due to a combination of coincidental events, (latently present) vulnerabilities and human factors. Aspects such as personnel, procedures, equipment, materials, work surroundings and various external factors or suppliers can have a role in this.
The proactive analysis of risks needs to be a continuous process within your organisation. A proactive risk management approach where the risk analysis is the basis for managing vital business processes is essential. ISR Nederland BV uses various pragmatic risk management methods and tools. Together, we will develop a risk approach that fits your organisation’s risk appetite and objectives.
In every risk analysis we focus on the following basic aspects

  • Defining and categorising a univocal risk and threat base
  • Scaling of probability of both deliberate and non-deliberate incidents
  • Scaling of potential consequences and the impact of an event
  • Risk Assessment regarding the vulnerability of the organisation

Example projects:

  • Designing and executing integral risk analysis in hospitals  for the purpose of business continuity
  • Development and harmonisation of disruption risk analyses for drinking water companies